GOCA — identity and wayfinding design


Goca, gallery of contemporary art, was a project that was done during my bachelor years. Students were given the task to go and find an abandoned building that they thought might have potential, taking pictures and reimagining what that place could become.

The building chosen by me was a big scaled complex with all identical floor divisions just next to the sea shore. The minute I stepped in the buidling and discovered the space, I immediately imagined it turning out so beautifully if it were to become a museum. In Beirut, the musea scene for young talent is fairly non existent and not taken very seriously to an extent of creating musea where their work can be introduced to the Lebanese audience. My aim was creating a gallery of contemporary art and an incubator for new ideas coming from the emerging Lebanese artists today. The end result was a bilingual identity combined with a visual mapping and way finding of each floor, and finally with a website showcasing all the content of the museum with the exhibited art.

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